How to Use Our Medical Alert System

In times of high stress or anxiety it is difficult to think clearly and make crucial decisions. Because of this response to critical situations, your medical alert system should be easy-to-use and complication-free. With our medical alert system, the process couldn’t be simpler and more user friendly. Even for seniors who suffer from memory and cognition difficulties, the process is clear and intuitive.

Get Help in Just A Few Simple Steps

Step 1: Press the button on your Medical Alert Pendant
The small pendant can be attached to a belt, worn around the neck, or around the wrist. While you are home, the device should be worn at all times. Because it is 100% waterproof, the pendant can be worn in the shower or bath. When pressed, the device sends a wireless signal to the device's base station, in your home. This base station alerts the monitoring center of an emergency.

Step 2: Help is on the way!
Once you press the medical alarm button to signal the console, it automatically calls the Emergency Monitoring Center, staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day. When these operators receive your call, they notify the key people whom you pre-selected to respond in specific situations: family members, neighbors, friends, or appropriate rescue personnel.

Completely portable, your medical alert system can go anywhere you do. You can bring the security and peace-of-mind with you when you are on vacation, visiting family, or even permanently moving within the United States. Just plug the base station into the wall, notify Alpine of your new location, and you are done.

Combining the latest technology with almost 20 years of experience, Alpine Alarm proudly helps seniors regain a sense of security and independence.

Why Do I Need a Medical Alert System?

Falls happen every day and at any time. Every year, more than one-third of seniors 65 or older will experience a fall at home. If alone and unable to move, these seniors are not able to contact help. Seniors can spend hours, or even days, on the ground waiting for help. Serious injuries need to be treated immediately, and the more hours left unattended limits the chances of recovery. A fall or medical crisis can be so severe that timely help can mean the difference between life and death. A medical alert system, like the PERS-2400, ensures that you or your loved one is never alone, never without help, and protected 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Research has found that fear of a fall causes many seniors to limit their activity level. Limiting movements causes reduced mobility, balance and physical ability – actually leading to more falls, and also introducing anxiety and depression to many seniors’ lives. The PERS-2400A medical alert system provides confidence and peace of mind to the elderly, and their families. This sense of security leads to a fuller, more active, and happier life for senior citizens.